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Films for printing and lamination, for single or multi-layer structures. We can provide you BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, PE/EVOH/PE.

Vacuum Packaging

Films for pouches manufacturing and top and bottom films, with medium or high barrier. We can provide you PA/PE, PA/EVOH/PE, PA/PP, PE/EVOH/PE.


Films for thermoforming for trays manufacturing. We can provide you OPS, PET, PET/EVOH/PE, PP, PS, Colored films.

About Us

At RHO Europa, we are driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for facilitating connections. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide efficient and tailored solutions for our clients. With a focus on transparency and collaboration, we pride ourselves on delivering results that surpass expectations. RHO Europa is more than a service provider; we are your dedicated partner in navigating the path to success. Join us in a journey where innovation and efficiency converge to make your aspirations a reality. Welcome to RHO Europa, where your success is at the heart of what we do.

Why Choose Us


RHO Europa is your premier choice, fueled by an unmatched passion for excellence. Our dedicated team brings not only expertise but also a genuine enthusiasm for delivering outstanding results. With a track record marked by passion-driven success stories, we approach each project with creativity and determination. Choose RHO Europa for a partner that shares your fervor for success, ensuring a collaborative journey where passion meets unparalleled outcomes.


RHO Europa stands out as the epitome of professionalism, making it the ideal choice for your business needs. With a highly skilled and dedicated team, we bring a commitment to excellence to every project. Our track record of success, coupled with a customer-centric approach, ensures tailored solutions and transparent communication. Trust RHO Europa for reliability, efficiency, and the professionalism your company deserves. Elevate your vision with us as your strategic partner for business success.


Choose RHO Europa to streamline and simplify your business operations. Our dedicated team is committed to making your professional life easier by providing efficient and tailored solutions. With a focus on seamless processes and a commitment to excellence, RHO Europa ensures that your business functions smoothly, allowing you to navigate challenges effortlessly. Elevate your business experience with the ease and efficiency that RHO Europa brings to the table.

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